About Us

Brown|CO is a structural engineering consulting firm offering services in a diverse range of permanent and temporary projects. We are client focused, responding to needs as they develop. Our permanent works include highway and pedestrian bridges, commercial and multistory residential buildings, culverts and civil structures such as retaining walls and fishways. Our temporary works include bridge lifting, launching, and demolishing, high load scaffolding, falsework and formwork, and shoring works. We also complete a variety of special projects including museum installations, exhibit structures, multistory custom stairs, and highway sign structures.

We are an unusual firm in that we incorporate both permanent and temporary structure design in one practice. This is a significant strength of the firm because of the resulting range of experience. One result is earning a reputation for being "troubleshooters", resolving issues encountered in the field, whether caused by design or construction.

We are dedicated to professional development of our staff both through formal education, and through involvement in every stage of our projects. Most of our projects continue to active construction immediately at the end of design, with the designer providing support in the field. We believe that field engagement is a critical part of the professional development of our staff, benefiting both staff and clients.