Brown|CO is known for developing solutions that are both innovative and practical. This is the result of our approach to projects, which is centered on understanding the problem and bringing solutions to bear that respond to the need, rather than forcing a known typical solution onto a unique issue. Where usual methods are appropriate and will provide the most constructible and cost effective solution, we do not force innovation. Where special circumstances dictate a different approach we take the time needed to develop special solutions. Examples of this approach are found throughout our featured projects.

We do approach design-bid projects somewhat differently than design-build projects where we know the constructor. With design-bid projects we endeavor to provide designs that are clear and can be competitively bid using technologies that are widespread in the industry. In design-build projects, where we are working for the constructor, we are able to advance the design to maximize the use of the skills and resources of our client. In both cases we ensure that all project requirements are met.