Brown|CO was founded in 2002 by Stephen Brown. This followed a career that included many years of consulting on structural design and construction engineering projects.

The intention was to build a firm that would be personal, client focused, and work on a wide range of structural engineering problems. The first project was part of a movie set, followed by work on construction engineering for highway structures and commercial buildings within the first few weeks. We followed our constructor clients into the rapid replacement projects for highway bridges, gantry supported bridge erection, and sequential demolition work. These very technical projects, that also require careful review of and reliance on existing deteriorated structures, have become a core competency of our firm. The work then expanded into permanent highway structures within the first three years, and included a number of multi-span bridges. The combination of practical construction knowledge and permanent structure design experience has led us into design-build projects including the Air-Link project at Toronto Pearson Airport, Highway 140 over CP Rail, Highway 58 over Forks Road and CN Rail, and other stand-alone bridge projects.

Our building work has typically focused on low-rise commercial buildings and moderate height multi-unit residential buildings. Auto dealerships are a core competency of our firm, completing multiple new builds and renovations each year. Timber construction has featured prominently in a number of our projects, including the award winning visitation centre for Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Toronto.

The concentration on clients rather than projects has resulted in a very high level of repeat business. We have grown from two employees, and continue to grow, as the demand for our particular work expands. Our growth is continually managed to ensure the quality standards of the firm are maintained, consistently developing and integrating suitable staff into the firm.