Father Tobin

The 70 m long Father Tobin Bridge is a three span integral abutment girder bridge in Brampton Ontario. The bridge crosses a tributary of the Humber River, with very soft ground in the river valley, unable to support high fills. The multi-span structure was selected based on a cost comparison with relieving platforms and lightweight fills.
The bridge incorporates the urban design program promoted by Brampton for their bridges in residential areas. These features include pilasters on the parapet walls, stone detailing on the parapet end posts and the use of formliners on the abutment faces.
Brown & Co. Engineering Ltd. completed the structural design of this three span girder bridge in Brampton. The bridge crosses a tributary of the Humber River in an area of weak soils. Evaluation of the geotechnical information led to a three span rather than single span approach as significant soil improvement would be required to support the high fills required in the river valley. The bridge itself is a conventional integral abutment girder bridge with continuity over the piers.
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