Reesors Road

Reesor's Road Bridge was designed as a replacement for an existing single span single lane structure over the Rouge River. Poor ground conditions on either side of the bridge and environmental constraints were a critical design constraint. The selected design was a three span concrete girder road bridge with a total length of 75m over the Rouge River. For the Town of Markham as a subconsultant to Chisholm Fleming and Associates.
The 70 m long Reesor's Road Bridge is a three span integral abutment girder bridge in Markham Ontario. The bridge crosses the Rouge River, with poor foundation conditions on the south side limiting maximum embankment height, resulting in the multi-span arrangement. Alternates considered for the bridge included long span steel structures and lightweight fills. The selected structure was determined to offer the best value over the long term. Particular features of the bridge include relatively sharp curvature for a girder bridge and tight vertical curvature. The environmental considerations at the site were extensive as the Rouge River Valley is a carefully protected nature area in the Toronto area.
Brown & Co. Engineering Ltd. completed the structural design of this three span girder bridge in Markham. The bridge crosses the Rouge River in a fairly narrow valley but the ground on south side of the river was very weak and limited embankment construction to a maximum height of about 3 m, or about half what was required. Either relieving platforms or light weight (polystyrene) fill would be required to achieve the required height of fill. Cost evaluation of a single span concrete girder option, a steel option and the three span option lead to the use of the three span option selected. The bridge is a conventional integral abutment girder bridge with the deck curved in plan and the piers and abutments skewed to suit the river crossing.
Chisholm Fleming
Town of Markham