42 Hubbard

The Toronto Housing apartment complex at 42 Hubbard was originally constructed in the 1920s with masonry walls and timber floor framing. The building developed mold problems and required complete reconstruction of the interior framing. The concept developed for the proposal and successfully developed in the completed structure included complete removal of the interior framing, lowering the basement, underpinning the walls, reconstructing the floors with Hambro joists and adding a partial 4th floor.
The structural challenges included stabilization of the existing masonry walls to facilitate the full framing removal, evaluation and reinforcement of existing masonry wall shear walls, and micropile support of existing walls. The support system for the existing walls could only be anchored in the interior of the building because of extremely limited setbacks from the property line on the north side. The system also had to be designed to allow for simple installation of the Hambro joists and removal of the framing with limited crane assistance.
Van Elslander Carter Architects
Toronto Community Housing
Structural Engineering