Mount Plesant Visitation Centre

The Mount Pleasant Cemetery Visitation Centre is centre-piece of Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Toronto. The building has a full concrete parking structure underground with masonry walls and precast plank framing for the second floor, light gauge steel wall framing for the second floor and timber framing for the roof. The exterior façade is masonry with precast concrete components. The focus of the building is the chapel which was recognized with an award from the Canadian Wood Council.
The ground underneath the building is extremely poor with unconsolidated fill, bricks and general debris fill in an old creek valley. The structure is fully supported on micropiles including the basement slab. All exterior features also had to be pile supported, with approach slabs used to maintain wheel chair access with differential settlement between the surrounding grade and the building.
The building is intended to be a 100 year facility and was designed to a LEED silver standard. The long design life and LEED requirements impacted on structural design in terms of crack control in the concrete components, waterproofing, and insulation thicknes
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