Bronte Creek

Brown & Company Engineering Ltd. was retained by Aecon Construction and Materials Ltd. to develop a demolition and re-construction plan for the rehabilitation work on the west bound QEW bridge over Bronte Creek. The existing structure over Bronte Creek was comprised of three primary concrete arch spans originally constructed in the 1930’s. The rehabilitation works included full removal and replacement of the existing deck, floor beams and spandrel columns. The demolition and reconstruction plans for the structure were developed by Brown & Company Engineering Ltd. using a “surgical” mindset. Full three dimensional, staged construction, finite element models were utilized to track the force effects in the fragile existing arches through every phase of the anticipated work. The demolition plan included bracing of the existing arches and specific deck removal sequences to mitigate unbalanced loading on existing arches below. Explicit travel paths, track placements and allowable payload weights were also specified as part of the demolition plan to allow the contractor to traverse heavy excavators across the spans. The reconstruction plan included a full falsework design supported directly from the existing arches and specific casting sequences for the new spandrel column, floor beam, and deck panel pours to again mitigate unbalanced loading on the existing arches.
Bridge Rehabilitation