QEW At Credit River

The existing concrete arch spans of the QEW bridge over the Credit River were deteriorated and required significant rehabilitation. Completing the necessary rehabilitation works would typically occupy traffic lanes using conventional construction methods. Maintaining full traffic lanes across the structure during the rehabilitation works was critical for not increasing congestion on the QEW and was a mandated requirement for the project. Additionally, environmentally sensitive areas beneath the existing structure further limited potential construction access. Brown & Company Engineering Ltd. was retained to develop an access plan which allowed full access to the remediate the existing structure while maintaining full traffic on the bridge with limited disturbance to the wetlands beneath. A new "construction access deck" was created below the existing structure which ran between the arches. The "construction access deck" was a steel girder bridge with four 45m spans that allowed for the heavy construction equipment required for the bridge rehabilitation to access the work zones. The new "construction access deck" structure was launched into place by incrementally building it from the existing structure's west abutment. Once landing on the eastern pier of the existing arch bridge, the completed "construction access deck" was jacked 5m vertically into its final position.
SNC Lavalin
Bridge Rehabilitation